Sail Electric is a company that focus on LED dimmer switch design & manufacture. We manufacture AU, EU and UK standard leading edge, trailing edge and universal dimmers. We have worked in this field for 13 years...

our history

We joined the industry in 2005 starting from GET which was merged into Schneider Electric in 2007. We left Schneider in Oct.2015 and R&D the new generation of LED dimmers. After 3 years in 2017, we started Sail Electric...

our products

Our products covers AU trailing edge LED dimmer, AU universal LED dimmer, EU trailing edge LED dimmer, EU universal LED dimmer, UK trailing edge LED dimmer, UK universal LED dimmer and more series under development...

What's the benefit of light dimming?


Light dimming will give you the most comfortable circumstance of your room whenever you want. That depends on the environment brightness, the amount of people in the room, the usage of the room and even the mood of yours.

Enegy saving

Light dimming will greatly reduce the energy cost. 50% brightness will reduce more than 50% power consumption compared to 100% brightness. Save your electric bill today.